Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mother-In-Law's Day!

My lovely MIL
Our girl fishing trip. We caught more than any of the other charters  that were on the water that day. The other charters were all men. :)
Grandma with the girls; admiring all the fish we caught.

Dancing with Grandma.
Today is official Mother-In-Law's Day, so I thought I would write about my own wonderful MIL.  I hear some of the horror stories, but fortunately, I am very blessed that I have a MIL that I get along well with. We are a lot alike (my husband really did marry a woman just like his mom) actually. We both love to fish (she taught me how to throw a cast net), we both love to garden, and being outdoors. She is one of those people who is very attractive to others because she is so young at heart and generous (and it doesn't hurt that she's blond and gorgeous.) She's also a very loving grandmother to my children, and the mother to the love of my life. So here's to my Mother-In-Law on this most auspicious Mother-In-Law's Day, October 23, 2011. I love you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I will be doing my first craft show this coming November and I'm very excited. I love to do crafts and create things for others and myself. I think that's why I like Pinterest so much. There are just so many good ideas out there. Here are a few pictures of just a few of the things I have created recently.
This is a little dress I made from some leftover fabric and a onesie that wouldn't button anymore.

This is my little sweetie wearing her new dress. I  cut off the bottom of the onesie and used the fabric to make her a flower headband.

This is one of the ruffle bum onesies I made.

This is my little one wearing one of my custom created headbands.  I went a little crazy making her headbands while  I was pregnant.

Here she is with the same headband at about 2 months old.