Monday, March 3, 2014

2ND Birthday!

Birthday Girl!

Parked in front of the Skittles, of course.

Handmade Straw Holder

Handmade Mason Jar Centerpiece

Great Grandma & Aunt A

This cake was so unbelievably beautiful and delicious. It was made by my good friend, Elizabeth Hale.

I was so SCARED that I was going to drop the cake!

She loved her cake!


The inside was almost as pretty as the outside.

The table spread.

She just loves her friend!

Of course, Katy HAD to get in on the waterslide action!

Her favorite present, a dolly!

Daddy had to get in on the waterslide action, too!

Uncle J, lookin' fly in his rainbow party hat! Awesome!

Uncle JC in his party hat!

Beast Mode: ON

Katy says, "I'm too sexy for this hat..."

Mimi & Great Grandma

Even Great Grandpa wore a rainbow party hat. I think he looks dashing!

My bestie, striking a pose!

Putting baby to bed. Maybe her name is Moses?


Well, it's only a nine a few months late to post these....

Have a wonderful day!

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