Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dr. Seuss's, "The Lorax" Inspired, Simple Pom Pom Craft

So today, after we gardened a bit, it got really, really hot. So, since we couldn't play with the real flowers, I decided to make these super easy fun little pom-pom flowers.
I love pom-poms. There is just something so girly and fun about these little balls of fluff, and there are so many ways to use them.
This is my first tutorial, and I know that that there are lots of these types of crafts out there, but I thought you might enjoy my little variation. :) 

So first, I colored little stripes on the lollipop sticks ($2.99 for a 50 count at Hobby Lobby) with a neon green Sharpie. Just eyeball the spacing. This is the most time consuming part, but it still doesn't take that long. Just remember, imperfection is perfect for this project.

Then I used some lovely hot glue and put a dollop in the center of the pom-pom. (I got my plush pom poms in a value pack bag from Hobby Lobby for $5.99.) If you are working with the kiddos you can use another type cool glue, but it will take much longer to dry. I like to use a low temp glue gun if the little one is helping me. It's still hot, but doesn't cause anywhere near the pain if it accidentally gets touched. Still, be very careful with this method and the kiddos.

Then I just took the lollipop stick and put it into the glue dollop. Then I kind of pushed down the pom pom and molded it around the stick for extra security.

Let them dry.

So cute!

You could use these for party favors, decoration for your kiddos bedroom, or just fun things for your kiddos to play with.

Your all done. (She's such a goose. She insisted I take a picture of her with her tongue out. Haha!)

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