Sunday, September 18, 2011


Monkey Bread Muffins
Today has been spent not getting much done. Ah, well. The kids are only young once. I did however manage to make delicious (sinfully delicious) and super easy monkey bread muffins this morning. I got the recipe from . She has the most amazing recipes. I attempted to make cake pops as well but they didn't turn out as planned. I added too much icing to the mix and the candy coating burnt. My middle little and I had fun doing it though. We stayed home from church today because of her broken arm and because I have decided to keep my littlest one out of the nursery until she is a bit older. Fortunately, my church has free MP3s so that I can do a Bible lesson at home.
I have been trying to get ready for a craft show that I am doing in November. It's been a little difficult because...well because, I have spoiled my baby. There I said it. I know most of you would say (like me) "How can  you spoil a 4 month old?" But, I have done it. And I can't say that I'm entirely sorry.  What have I done to spoil her? I have held or laid down with her for every nap for the last 4 months. That is actually what I'm doing right now as I write this. I don't actually take a nap most of the time. (I know, "sleep when she sleeps", but she is actually a good sleeper at night.) I do stuff like planning my schedule for the next day, make my Christmas to do list, lesson plans for the school week, (and PINTEREST) until she is thoroughly asleep. And then I get up and let her finish her nap. But lately she wakes up within minutes of me leaving. And that is how I have spoiled her. But I can't stop. Or at least I don't want to. You see, I just love to cuddle her when she finishes nursing and watch her drift off to sleep. The little smiles she gives me when she looks up to see if I'm still there, the burrowing of her little head as she snuggles deeper into my chest, the fluttering eyelids as she fights to stay awake. Maybe it's me who is spoiled. I am not getting much done, but I know it will only last such a short time. So, I will continue to "spoil" my baby and enjoy every moment of it.
Sleeping Sweetie

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