Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our (almost) new home

Well, so far the bank has excepted our offer and we have turned all of our paperwork in for our new house!   We haven't signed the finalized closing paperwork yet, but it should only be about 30 days from now, and we will be proud homeowners again! Yay!
The house does need a lot of work though. It's to be expected for a house from 1968. After we sign the paperwork we will have to wait about a month before we can move in because we have to make some repairs and remove the yucky carpet from upstairs; among other things. There will still be a ton of projects to do, but we are going to try to get the main things done before we move in. We would probably move in straight away, but with a baby we want to get the major things done before we live there. That's ok. I've been waiting this long. I can wait a bit longer. I hope you have a wonderful day today.
Here is a (not so good) picture of our (almost) new home. Better pics to come when we actually own it and begin renovations.

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Jolana said...

Wow,so big and pretty! Congrats early!